At NutriGaard Nutraceuticals, our mission is to drive your success through our innovation. We have partnered with Sintal Dietetics, which has been contract-manufacturing food supplements in solid form since 2008, and has been GMP-certified since 2012. The highly educated, highly skilled formulators ensure that your nutraceutical product meets all specifications, from initial formulation through finished product, including packaging.
Backed by intense research and development and supported by scientific collaborations with leading universities, we develop new products that respond to growing market demand and meet evolving, increasingly stringent customer requirements.
We draw on a wide range of certified and guaranteed raw materials, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, titrated dry extracts of vegetable origin, and various excipients. We select the most effective ingredients for your formulation and then form the dosages in the innovative CPG, or compressed powder chewing gum, and in chocolates as well as standard tablets and gels.
Employing our in-house quality control, chemical and microbiological laboratories, we perform quality control analysis, chemical and formulation tests and stability testing to ensure the products accurately reflect the label ingredients and claims.
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Partnering with Sintal Dietetics, Castelnuovo Vomano, Italy, we continually strive to offer the most scientifically sound and effective nutraceutical ingredients and formulations that respond to an evolving market offering more innovative products …
Functional gums with nutraceuticals (generally thermolabile substances) are the new ways to deliver health and dental benefits to consumers, taking the benefits of gum beyond the usual pleasure of chewing. By releasing functional ingredients such as …
As a contract manufacturer, Sintal has made more than 1000 finished products for nearly 120 companies which sell these products all over the world. The company’s strength is to customize each product according to the needs of each customer…