As a contract manufacturer, Sintal has made more than 1000 finished products for nearly 120 companies which sell these products all over the world.  The company’s strength is to customize each product according to the needs of each customer.
Partnering with Sintal, we contract-manufacture custom-formulations and package them in bulk or in such tailor-made solutions as boxes with blister packs, bottles, flacons and jars. We produce both small and large batches of the highest quality, with short turnaround times to meet your market demands and delivery schedules.
We work with high-quality raw materials only. They are acquired and controlled before production in our labs and then properly stored in the warehouse or refrigerator, depending on their specifications. We mainly use the following types of raw materials: titrated dry and fluid extracts of vegetable origin; vitamins and minerals; amino acids; probiotics/colostrom, lactoferin and milk proteins.
Sintal’s quality control system is respected throughout the supply chain and it ensures product safety and efficacy.  The system complies with current food industry legislation ([Italy – EU] Reg. 852/2004). In collaboration with external consultants, Sintal annually reviews its quality assurance program and implements improvements.