We can enhance your production capabilities by supplying ingredients that improve texture, flavor function and cost. We assist our partners in the following areas:

  • Gumming Pre-Coatings
  • Coating
  • Polishing
  • Glazing
  • Sealing
  • Souring
  • Anti-Sticking
  • Gelling
  • Thickening
  • Binding
  • Sweetening
  • Flavoring
  • Texturing
  • Adhesive

Our Confectionery Performers are a professional range of specialty ingredients for the production of sweets such as sugar-coated, chocolate-coated or compound-coated dragees, gums, jellies, or chewy toffees.
Our Confectionery Performers are used for stabilizing, glazing, whitening and sealing of various types of pan-coated products in which they reduce the risk of spot formation through water or oil migration on the product surface. They offer an alcohol-free alternative to shellac for sealing and polishing purposes.
They provide chewy toffees with the right texture without using animal gelatin. They act as anti-sticking agents for gums and jellies.   Our Confectionery Performers are based on natural raw materials and are available in Kosher and Halal-certified qualities; some Confectionery Performers within our range are offered in organic-certified quality.
Our professional range of Confectionery Performers are developed and produced in-house by our Contract Manufacturer with over 20 years of experience.  The Confectionery Performers provide functional ingredients for innovative product formulations.  We make sweets better!


Alcohol-free liquid polishing agent for chocolate-coated surfaces, including uneven surfaces
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  • Directly applicable without any pre-treatment
  • Aqueous, semi-viscous and turbid dispersion for easy dosage
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • No sealing process with shellac or shellac-based products necessary
  • Allows 1-ingredient declaration
  • Protects the center crunchiness
  • Provides a stable and smooth surface gloss
Alcohol-free polishing solution for all types of chocolate-coated products and fat-based coatings, Nutra Shine
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  • Imparts unmatched surface gloss — Intensive, brilliant and long-lasting — on all types of chocolate-coated goods
  • Increases resistance to humidity
  • Makes solvent-based varnishes redundant
  • Is effective at low dosage
  • Reduces polishing time
Sealing agent for various types of pan-coated goods
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  • Stable gloss even under fluctuating temperatures and air humidity
  • Protection against mechanical stress during packaging
  • Suitable for use on light-colored goods
  • Easy handling
  • Positive synergies with other Confectionery Performers
Polishing agents for hard and soft pan-coated goods / dragees
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  • Nutra Glanz C– Pure, additive-free, spray-dried carnauba wax powder
  • Nutra Glanz H– Liquid carnauba wax dispersion for direct use
  • Nutra Glanz M – Mix of micronized beeswax and carnauba wax
  • Nutra Glanz L – Wax paste dispersion in highly stable vegetable oil
  • Nutra Glanz K – Micro-crystalline polishing powder (waxes + carnauba wax)
Glazing & Anti-Sticking agent for mogul and extruded products
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  • Optimum anti-sticking functionality
  • Protection against drying out
  • Uniform & transparent surface gloss
  • Based on highly stable, oxidation-resistant oils and purified waxes
  • Nutra Oil A 7701 based on MCT Coconut Oil with beeswax
  • Nutra Oil B 7401 based on MCT Coconut Oil with carnauba wax
  • Nutra Oil A 7551 Based on MCT Coconut Oil with beeswax and carnauba wax
  • New: now presenting Standard and Organic Oils based on Stable Sunflower Oil and carnauba wax
    – Nutra Oil BS 7401 based on Sunflower Oil with carnauba wax
    – Nutra Oil BS 7405
  • Nutra Oil palm-oil free – the “green label“ alternative
  • Available in flavored versions upon request
Gumming / pre-coating agent for pan-coated goods
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All-in-one gumming solution and drying powder

  • Available on a sugar or polyol basis
  • Stabilizes soft centers
  • Strongly adheres chocolate coating to the center, reducing usage levels
  • A guaranteed solution, prevents migration of fat- and moisture- containing centers over the shelf life
  • Maintains a crunchy bite of nut-containing centers
  • Enables uniform panning
  • Reduces production time
  • Works in traditional coating pans and automatic coating lines
  • Easy to handle
Fine, white powder mix of sugars and natural hydrocolloids.
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  • Replaces titanium dioxide in the recipe of pan-coated products
  • Stabilizes the dragee center and improves the surface quality
  • Provides a uniformly white-coated shell surface at low dosage levels
  • Reinforces the color appearance and allows for light-colored or pastel finishes
  • Enhances the crunchy profile of the product crust
  • Is easily applicable in production processes with or without cooking
  • Trims production time, boosts cost-efficiency
Souring agent for pan-coated goods / dragees
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  • Strong and stable sour impact
  • Sour effect is incorporated in the hard surface or around the center inside the products
  • No saccharose hydrolysis
  • No loss of acidity
  • Stable shelf life
Gelatin-free texturant for chewy confections
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  • Gives outstanding chewing properties
  • Stabilizes extruded sugar pastes
  • Dispersible in cold and warm water
  • Easier handling than gelatin
  • Targeted for chewy, pulled and aerated confectioneries
  • Ideal for Halal and Kosher products
A vegetable– based gelatin replacer for chewies
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  • Nutra chew is the closest in chew properties to
  • With Nutra Chew Protex you can go from cooker to table, no mixing of gelatin needed
A texturant for the production of pulled or extruded chewy candies and chewing gums. No cooking needed.
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  • Eliminates the cooking step
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Customized texture
  • Individual ingredient composition
Adhesive and glazing powder for spice-coated nuts
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  • Offers outstanding adhesive properties
  • Creates stable adhesion of spices, coarse-grained salt, sugar or spices
  • Reduces rub-off effect
  • Builds up a protecting layer on the nuts
  • Minimizes the risk of superficial oily spots
  • Provides a good glazing effect
Natural raw material from plant origin.