Partnering with Sintal Dietetics, Castelnuovo Vomano, Italy, we continually strive to offer the most scientifically sound and effective nutraceutical ingredients and formulations that respond to an evolving market offering more innovative products. To respond to ongoing changes in the industry, we recently implemented a broad scale “applied research” program.
We have always believed in the importance of research to obtain and commercialize innovation.  So, they established collaborations with leading national universities that have supported their company’s work and bolstered our scientific credibility.  In accordance with recent changes in Italian so’ European law, they established several research areas of great importance, ranging from microbiology, analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry to clinical pharmacology.
They have expanded existing laboratories and divided them into: microbiology, bio-fermentation, molecular biology, analytical chemistry.  There we perform all quality control analysis on raw materials and finished products.  In addition, we carry out formulation tests on newly developed products, and time stability testing on approved ones.